India Is Atop The World of Cricket For A Decade

India Is Atop The World of Cricket For A Decade

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India has displayed a sterling performance in the world of cricket. The Indian Test team has reached new heights with every game they played. The successful run made the Indian cricket team the world’s top-ranked side in the ICC rankings from 2016. 

The Indian team with 300 points ranked top at the world test championship points table. Their biggest challenger, New Zealand, followed at a distance with 60 points. 

The First Half Performance- A Decade 

India has gained the title of the most successful team on the win-loss ratio by winning the 1st Test of the ongoing two-match series, where the team beat Bangladesh. The Indian Cricket team has participated in 106 Tests since 2010. They won 55 of these Tests. The team lost 29 Tests and achieved a win-loss Ratio of 1.90. 

The Second Half Performance 

It was not an easy task for India to remain number one in cricket. Out of 38 matches played, India won 14 and lost 16 Tests respectively. 

However, India’s tide for the better started after Virat Kohli was believed to have taken over from MS Dhoni. From 2015, India started its impressive rise. They went on to win a Test series in Sri Lanka for the first time after over two decades. They also achieved what many believed was impossible by ending South Africa’s nine years unbeaten run in a series. 

In October 2016, they defeated the New Zealand team by 3-0. It was the same year when India dethroned Pakistan from on the top of the world Test rankings. They also went on to defeat England by 4-0. Since then, India has enjoyed a successful maiden series victory in Australia, which has seen the team earn a lot of respect from across the world of cricket. 

Bowlers Have Earned India A Success 

Experts reckon that good bowlers can make you win a cricket game effortlessly, as such bowlers can easily dismantle the strategy of your opposition to have a comfortable victory. India’s team was armed with arguably the best bowlers in the world. A lot of India’s success can be attributed to great bowlers such as R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja. These bowlers’ efforts are supplemented with the efforts of batsmen of the Indian Cricket team.  

36 Months At The Top 

The Indian cricket team performed exceptionally well to be atop the ICC Test rankings with the great support of Virat Kohli. It is the team with the longest run in the ICC Test rankings. Experts agree that it will be difficult to topple India from the top. 


India is one of the leading champions in cricket. The team has worked hard to display impressive performance in all of its world tours. India is highly respected across the world when it comes to cricket.  

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