Role of Learning Apps in a Post-Covid World

Role of Learning Apps in a Post-Covid World

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Education is the entire foundation of our civilization through which all of us gain important knowledge to improve personal lives and help society to run smoothly. So it became necessary to educate our children in the right way. But nobody has ever imagined that 2020 would be a black swan year for all of us. Covid-19— an unforeseen virus that distressingly disrupted the way we live. One thing was continuously haunting our mind whether we would be able to survive in this health crisis in spite of how we would get out of it. Although we have saved our health from this virus somehow, many things now have become a matter of our concern, on top of that was the future of our children. 

Schools and other educational institutions got close in order to follow social distancing. Most governments reopened a few grades after temporarily closing the schools to bring this unfortunate situation under control. On the contrary, they had to shut down educational institutions owing to increasing infection rates. 

There are COVID-19 infection rates at different points in different countries. At present, there are over 1.2 billion children in 186 countries who are affected after schools close. Students have to switch to an online mode to learn things and remember them for a long time, all of which has become possible owing to technology.

Some of the key benefits that students get from learning apps: 

Available For K12 Students

Now learning apps are available for every student from 5- 6 to 17- 18 (twelfth grade) year olds. Every kid can have a high-quality education through learning apps as needed, be an athlete, military kid, advanced learner, homeschooler, and career/college-bound. Students from class 12 can even prepare for JEE and NEET through learning apps. 

Promotes Remote Learning 

In this constantly changing world, students prefer mobile phones for every purpose. They can access any study materials and resources such as books, pdfs, test papers, and much more from anywhere at their fingertips on their smartphones. Mobile applications help them to easily get the information they want to learn at a place they find cozy and comfortable. Just make sure you are getting a good internet connection. 

Improved Performance 

Learning through education apps is easier to understand when compared with books and lectures that students attend in the classrooms. Every mobile app is built with some unique features, providing its own set of services. Students can get accurate and factual information from credible mobile applications. So you need to choose the best learning app for you. 

24/7 Availability

Students can make their doubts clear at any time they want. 24/7 availability is a kind of support where information can be accessed throughout the day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It simply means that the educational service makes it possible for you around the clock. So if you forget something, then you can switch over that concept multiple times within a few clicks. 

Offers Personalization

Not every kid is the same when it comes to learning. Everyone has unique skills, abilities, preferences, backgrounds, and experiences. Whilst learning apps offer kids personalized learning coupled with other benefits to boost the performance of every student, from engagement to achievement to wellbeing. Every student can avail of such a teaching model as per their requirements— what they know, what they want to learn, how they learn, what their skills and interests are, and even they can remain in the course for longer with no competition to be the quickest learner. 


Learning through educational apps is much more cost-effective than any other form of a platform that offers education.  An e-learning app reduces the money that you may use on a venue, study materials, and travel costs to the classroom. All students from financial and economical backgrounds can get quality education at a low price.

Parents can keep their kids engaged with learning app

Parents can engage with their children when they learn through learning apps. So they can update themselves with the latest happenings and keep a track of their progress in real-time. Parents can easily identify the topics in which kids are struggling and motivate them to develop concentration levels and become more productive.

The Bottom Line 

The global pandemic Covid-19 made an impact on all walks of society, and education is no exemption. All of us can’t go outside unnecessarily, but we have to strictly follow social distance. Education is the foundation of our civilization and to keep it running, educational entities implemented an online mode of learning for students all over the country. Nowadays online learning is emerging and evolving at a rapid pace.

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