Tricks And Strategies to Win Ludo Game

Tricks And Strategies to Win Ludo Game

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Ludo which means ‘I play’ in the Latin language is the most ancient strategy board game derived from the Indian game Pachisi. Ludo is simpler than Pachisi and it’s mostly played by children and teenagers in their spare time to relax and to enjoy their free time. There are various variations of Ludo available all over the world. 

Though Ludo is a simple and enjoyable game, yet like all other games players playing Ludo too require Tricks and strategies to win. It simply means the winning is not based on Luck instead it’s based on the strategies of the Player. 

Here are some strategies the Pro Ludo players use to win the Game, practice them, play your game based on the below-mentioned strategies, and you are bound to win the Game of Ludo. 

1) Never take action in a hurry. Always take your time before making the move. Analyze all boards, your position, opposition’s position, and then take action. Always follow this strategy, think, and rethink before you take the action. A small mistake can destroy your entire game. 

2. Don’t just play with your one piece. As soon as you get the chance (Six on a dice) open all your four pieces. 

3. When others are playing, calculate the number which can lead you to the best safe place or which can help you kill the opponent. This will help you reduce the analyzing time. 

4. Always keep all your pieces running into the game and keep a close eye on them.

5. Never leave a chance to kill your opponent, even if it is just near the starting place. This is mostly required when you have multiple pieces active onboard.

6. Always ensure that your piece is not in the path of the opponent, if this is the case at any time you will have the danger of getting killed by an opponent as you cannot control the numbers on a die, it is always better to be pre-prepared. 

7.Important Dice strategy: Always use bigger numbers on dice to move and place the pieces in a safe place and use smaller numbers on dice to move pieces that are already safe and near to home. 

8. Always maintain yourself at the tail of the opponent, threaten the opponent, never get threatened by the opponent, always find a safe place. 

9. If you are stuck in a situation where you get a chance to trap an opponent on one hand and reach the home on the other hand, always choose to land straight in Home and be victorious. 

The above-mentioned tricks and strategies are used and tested by Pro Ludo Players. These tricks will surely help you improve your game and thereby increase your chances of winning the Ludo all the time.

The road to becoming a Pro Ludo player is not an easy one, it will require a lot of practice and efforts, you will have to try and re-try all these strategies, develop some of your own but once you have achieved the confidence and mastered the strategy you will always be ahead of game and with this, you can always earn some extra bucks by playing Ludo online. 

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