What is an Article Writing?

What is Article Writing?

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An article is a piece of writing created to reach a large audience through a print or electronic medium. It is published in newspapers, magazines, journals, and so on to deliver news, analysis, research results, or debate. You can guide your audience on a particular topic by writing an article. 

Tips to Write an Article

  • Understand Your Audience
  • Pick a Topic
  • Do Research On Your Topic 
  • Work On Format 
  • Make It Easy To Read

Article Writing Format

  • Start with a heading
  • The author’s name
  • Write the content
  • End the article with a conclusion

Difference Between Blog and Article

  1. A blog post is a kind of writing written from a personal perspective based on opinion. It contains facts or information found from experience. 
  2. A new form of writing. 
  3. They were published within a blog on a website. 
  4. Has a word limit of 300-1000 words. 
  5. Post in reverse chronological order. 
  6. May follow the informal way of writing. 
  7. Create authority status, generate leads and build SEO ranking
  8. Doesn’t necessarily require verification from the Editor or reviewer team.
  1. An article is a kind of writing to deliver facts, information, news, or an unbiased perspective. 
  2. Have been around for more than a hundred years.
  3.  Published on a website, in newspapers, magazines, and any other traditional paper-style media. 
  4.  Has word limit of 1500-5000 words. It can depend upon the publication and how many words they want in an article. 
  5. Provide in-depth information without actionable objective
  6. Has to follow the formal way of writing
  7.  It is time-stamped on its publication date without particular order.
  8. It goes to the Editor or reviewer team for verification. 
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