What is White Paper?

What is White Paper?

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A Whitepaper is a persuasive, authoritative, comprehensive, thorough, and reliable report about a particular product, service, technology, or methodology for current and prospective customers. It is an advanced problem-solving guide since it presents a particular issue and offers a solution. 

Benefits of Whitepaper

1. Establish your expertise 

2. Create goodwill 

3. Reach decision-makers

4. Generate new leads

5. Benefit from high conversion rates

Tips for Writing Whitepaper

  1. Choose the right topic
  2. Define your audience 
  3. Format your white paper
  4. Focus on the core value 
  5. Be descriptive
  6. Be informative
  7. Be professional
  8. Keep it interesting
  9. Go for several drafts

Types of Whitepaper

  1. Technical White Paper
  2. Business Whitepaper
  3. Product Comparison White Paper
  4. Problem-Solving Whitepaper
  5. Thought Leadership White Paper

The Standard Format For Whitepaper 

Create an Enticing Title

The title should show what your target audience will learn or what they want to learn. 

Draft an Abstract

Please write a brief overview of the white paper to ensure readers get a relevant document as per their needs. 

Write a Problem Statement

Specify the issue which will be addressed. Define the problem and place a context so that the reader can understand. 

Background Information 

Go detailed and technical when you discuss the problem and solution in the background information. 

Provide a Solution

Present an improved approach that could work better than anything else. 


Summarise the significant findings of the white paper in this section. 


Include all the sources that you used to create this white paper. It adds credibility to your content and helps the reader research further. 

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